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GPT Everywhere: The Ultimate AI Assistant App for Seamless Integration with Your Files, Keyboard Shortcuts, Whisper AI, and Custom LLaMAs

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Gumroad sales closed , 2024 versions available through Microsoft Store https://apps.microsoft.com/store/detail/gpt-everywhere-desktop-ai/9N5HQDSK102N

Introducing GPT Everywhere - The Ultimate AI Assistant App

Imagine having an AI that writes code, provides insightful answers, and takes your productivity to the next level! All that is possible with GPT Everywhere, a revolutionary app that seamlessly integrates AI into your workflows. No more time-consuming copy-pasting into different platforms - simply drag and drop your files, websites, and PDFs directly into the app and let the AI work its magic.

Enjoy a range of diverse features like Whisper AI integration, multiple model usage, keyboard shortcuts, and vector store and embeddings. This app is a game-changer for entrepreneurs, coders, AI enthusiasts, and anyone who values efficiency

Requires usage of your own OpenAI or Azure API Key or Openrouter.ai

Top Features

  • NEW! GPT-4 128k support, Dall-e 3 and GPT Vision
  • Drag and drop files to GPT context - Copy-pasting is such a hassle. Just drag and drop project files and start chatting with GPT.
  • Vector store and embeddings: Chat with PDFs and code base easily
  • Whisper AI integration: Talk to the app anywhere and it will do what you are asking! So sci-fi.
  • Keyboard shortcuts: Launch GPT and write a response in any app with Keyboard Shortcuts.
  • Use multiple models easily: Engage with Davinci, GPT-3.5, or GPT-4 AI models effortlessly through a user-friendly chat interface. Use your own OpenAI API key or experiment with local models using Oobabooga.
  • Access to All models using openrouter.ai - Use rare models like GPT-4 32k or Anthropic Claude V2
  • LLama-2 Support: Use Oobabooga or LMStudio and enjoy these new great models!
  • Create various specialties - We all have different uses for GPT; create different special skills for GPT and switch between those quickly
  • Complete output control: Edit, navigate, and manage multiple generated outputs with ease. Refine input for subsequent requests and reset app memory, chat, or stream as needed. Create new files directly from code markdown responses.
  • Tailored output settings: Configure temperature and max tokens parameters to produce AI-generated content that perfectly suits your needs.
  • Robust Monaco Editor: Develop, edit, and manage project files within the app using the versatile and integrated Monaco Editor.
  • Efficient task automation: Simplify complex workflows and guide the AI through multi-step processes using chains.
  • Comprehensive usage guide: Effortlessly understand all features and functions of the GPT Everywhere app with a detailed usage guide. https://jhappsproducts.gumroad.com/p/gpt-everywhere-usage-guide


Do you steal my API keys?

No, I have no need for your API keys! If you want to be extra cautious, simply set your billing limits to a lower amount for a while, or use Wireshark to monitor traffic!

How can I use this app? It depends on what you're doing! Check out some examples here - Desktop GPT is Here: Top features

GPT-4 Activation: GPT-4 API and ChatGPT+ subscriptions are separate services. The ChatGPT+ subscription covers usage on chat.openai.com while GPT-4 usage through the API has separate billing.


Send an email to hello@jh-apps.com

You will receive all the updates for the year 2023 with a one-time fee!

Thanks for your support and will be adding a lot of features based on user feedback.

Disclaimer: Not Affiliated with OpenAI

Please note that this product is independently developed and maintained. It is neither affiliated with, nor officially endorsed or supported by OpenAI or Azure. All trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Getting Started Tutorial (New coming with latest features soon)

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Downloadable desktop app for Windows and Linux and Mac


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GPT Everywhere: The Ultimate AI Assistant App for Seamless Integration with Your Files, Keyboard Shortcuts, Whisper AI, and Custom LLaMAs

7 ratings